Ray Robertson

Ray Robertson

Ray is the owner of Ozark Woodworker.

He spent 2.5 years in Asia during the Vietnam War, where he became fascinated with Chinese Ivory Balls. Being mechanically inclined, he was intrigued to figure out how they were made.

During this journey he discovered ornamental turning and mechanical inlay back in the 1700s. The bug for creating precise work has stuck with him to this day.

Being a self-taught woodworker and machinist, has given him the ability to create outside the box.

He started making inlay in 1998 for claws used by the tribe of Mic-O-Say, a Boy Scout Camp summer program. This led to creating duck calls in 2003, and has transferred to making pens since 2016. 

Born and raised in Independence, MO. Has lived in Nixa, MO for 47 years with his wife, Mariellen, and his son, Matt, who works in the shop with him.