Jon Tello

Associate Member

Jon is an artist who loves creating things that reflect the beauty around Him. He practices all different art forms from drawing, to painting, to photography, and graphic design. He started making pens 2015 ago and has never looked back. He really enjoys incorporating his fine art talents into the pens that he creates. Each handcrafted pen he makes is a functional piece of art to be used and enjoyed. 

Jon lives in Italy and works for a non-profit organization there. He has been using the profits from his pen making to support the efforts of a national anti-trafficking alliance (Alleanza Tesori Raggianti) that seeks to restore survivors of sex trafficking in Italy. Jon will be launching a new pen initiative this year in order to provide a job training program that empowers survivors of trafficking to gain the skills and experience they need to provide for themselves. He is excited to see how pens can be the catalyst that give survivors the chance to rewrite their stories. 

Jon considers it an honor to be part of this Guild and looks forward to learning from other great pen makers and sharing what he can from his knowledge and experience .