Gregory Hardy

Hardy Penwrights

Greg has been building pens for about eight years.  Four years ago, he started building artisan pens entirely crafted by hand in his shop in western New York State.  This was really the culmination of many things – a lifelong love of fountain pens, a study of jewelry making as an adolescent, and a pursuit throughout adulthood to make high quality things.  Upon retiring from a thirty-five year career in education, Greg expanded his shop and transitioned to making pens on a fulltime basis.

As his building has evolved, Greg has developed a two-fold focus to his work.  He has developed a standard line of entry-level artisan fountain pens that are still entirely handcrafted including handmade clips or roll-stops.  They are available in a variety of materials and sizes, and are designed for everyday use.  In the background, Greg also builds more ornamented pens that include extensive metal work and special features.  These art pieces become the favorite pens of the clients who purchase them, and they are commonly built during an extensive back-and-forth communication with the client.

Greg lives in Scio, New York, with his wife, Carlene, who attends national pen shows with him.  They have three sons (and their wives) and four grandchildren to keep life busy.  Middle son, Gavin, works in the shop developing and building pens with his father.

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Greg Hardy

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