Andy Deschacht

Associate Member

Andy was born in Roeselare, Belgium.

His fascination with food began as a young kid. That passion led him to study at 

"Ter Groene Poorte" cooking school, where he graduated as a Chef.

Needing a career change, he opened a shop where he presented his handcrafted articles in leather (including all kinds of biker articles like saddlebags, belts, wallets, etc.).

In that period, he enjoyed and expanded his creativity and artistic skills.

After his recovery from a severe climbing accident in 2010, he started creating large wooden sculptures (from 1 to 3 meter in height) working mainly with chainsaws and fine-tuning them with small power tools and chisels.

Under "Enlightened Wood" he designed and crafted special objects in wood.

It was the time in which he got in touch with the lathe.

During the following years he has been learning and specializing in "hand-sculpting" fine writing instruments.

That's how "G-D" was born...

Andy’s work reflects some kind of quest, a discovery journey to experience wood as a main source but also other materials to explore their possibilities. The creations grow towards their final result: high quality handcrafted pens.