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Duncan Suss

I am from a generation of children in England for whom a fountain pen was a symbol of status and achievement. In early grade school, around the age of eight, writing cursive script began with a pencil. When the basic letterforms had been mastered, students were permitted to progress to a dip-pen: there were inkwells in the corner of each desk. Only when the teacher judged a student competent in penmanship were they allowed to bring their own fountain pen into the classroom. Decades later, fountain pens still hold that symbolism and aura of status for me; they are both an instrument with which to write and they make a statement about the writer.

When I began working with a lathe as a counterbalance to the non-material nature of my day job with computer systems, it was inevitable that I would eventually begin creating fountain pens (2013) Stylistically, I favor clean, simple forms -- allowing the material to take center stage. I work with exotic woods and burls, and both vintage and modern resins, according to client wishes.