Brian Chinn

Associate Member

The Thoroughbred Pen Company

A Gunsmith by trade, Brian enjoys a variety of interests from woodworking to blacksmithing and metal work.  He dabbled in making pens from wood and hardware kits for many years and in 2019, he made the the jump to handcrafting fine writting instruments.  His focus is using wood and material with a story.

"Regardless of where technology takes us, I prefer reading from paper I can hold in my hands.  I  take notes and draw things I make on paper.  I enjoy the tactile feedback of laying ink to paper."

Brian believes the goal in any endeavour, one chooses to persue, should be the mastery of that craft.

"For me, creating something by hand, from raw material, is my pursuit of happiness; it is the mark I will leave that says, I was once here."