The Pen Artisan Guild Welcomes You

The mission of the Pen Artisan Guild is to uphold and maintain the traditions of artistry and craftsmanship, and to encourage the art of hand crafted pen making.

The Guild’s purpose is to further the artisan’s knowledge and skill,

and to educate the public about artisan created writing instruments.

The pens below are submissions by each of our full members. Please click the photo that interests you to be taken to the artisan. Visit the "Our Members" page for more pen photos.

David Broadwell
Jason Olson
Gabe Castro
Jay Breda
Mark Fraser
Lauren Rants
Duncan Suss
Troy Breeding
Gregory Hardy
Darrin McArthur
Jose Sumaquial
Soumitra Sanyal
Nick Harris
Thomas Walter
Alfonso Trenche
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How The Guild Began

At the turn of this century within the overall pen industry the number of makers of hand made pens were painfully few. David Broadwell was only familiar with one or two people besides himself who made pens without the use of kits. Occasionally at pen shows people would ask Broadwell what was necessary to make pens. It seemed that many were discouraged by the difficulty in obtaining nibs, making trim components or understanding the concept of creating your own thread profiles outside of industrial standards.

Finally, around the middle of that decade more people began trying to make pens. Broadwell had experience with The Knife Makers Guild and saw the benefits that pen makers could have in banding together for mutual support. Still, there were few pen makers so the concept of a guild remained dormant. 

In the middle of the second decade Tim Cullen contacted Broadwell, stating that he wanted to learn how to make pens. Cullen listened and instead of being discouraged by some of the hurdles, considered them a challenge. As Tim learned from David they tossed around David's idea of a guild for serious pen makers. By this time even more people had begun making pens and through shows and social media these makers began to share information with each other. Tim took David's idea of a guild and gave it wings in 2017. Tim was very instrumental in gathering several pen makers together to form The Pen Artisan Guild.

The Guild's first "show" was at the San Francisco Pen Show, August of 2017. It was not a formal guild yet but a loose association of men who made pens and were interested in the idea of formally organizing. At that show the first pen contest was held in which 17 pen makers submitted pens to be displayed and judged. It was fun and well received by the public. The following week bylaws were formed, officers were appointed and the Pen Artisan Guild was born.

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